Image of Meridian is Ex-Im Bank’s 2013 Broker of the Year

Meridian is Ex-Im Bank’s 2013 Broker of the Year

Washington DC — The Export-Import Bank of the U.S. has named Meridian Finance Group its 2013 “Broker of the Year.” While Meridian provides trade finance services to exporters, importers, and financial institutions all over the world, we’re particularly proud of the work we do with Ex-Im Bank to support US exports. Exporting is one of the few bright spots in the US economy and, in partnership with Ex-Im Bank, Meridian is helping hundreds of US exporters to expand their international sales.

Ex-Im Bank is the official export credit agency of the United States, with a mandate to provide financing, insurance, and guarantees that increase US exports. In the past year Ex-Im Bank programs have supported nearly $50 billion in US export sales, strengthening the US economy and creating or sustaining an estimated 255,000 jobs nationwide. Rather than costing US taxpayers money or adding to the fiscal deficit, in the past five years Ex-Im Bank has returned nearly $1.6 billion to the US Treasury.

At the “Broker of the Year” award ceremony in Washington DC, Meridian was recognized for connecting more exporters with Ex-Im Bank in 2012 than any other insurance broker (or anyone else) in the country. While most of Meridian’s insurance business is underwritten in the private sector, we also broker the largest number of policies issued by Ex-Im Bank. In addition to insurance, Ex-Im Bank cited Meridian’s support for exporters using other Ex-Im Bank programs like Global Credit Express.

Meridian provides access to trade finance tools that exporters can use to expand their international sales, including export credit insurance, cross-border equipment financing, foreign buyer credit lines, political risk insurance, supply chain financing, international leasing, L/C insurance, and other services. Meridian’s clients include banks, non-bank lenders, large corporations, middle-market companies, and—with no minimum size requirements—hundreds of small business exporters nationwide.

Specializing in trade credit insurance, Meridian helps exporters extend competitive payment terms overseas while protecting their foreign receivables against default risks. With export credit insurance exporters can be confident of getting paid, use credit as a tool to increase international sales, and arrange financing by making their foreign receivables more attractive to lenders. Meridian brokers policies underwritten by every government agency and insurance company in the market.

This is Meridian’s 20th year in business and the third time we’ve been awarded Ex-Im Bank “Broker of the Year.” Our team is multicultural and multilingual, with experience not only in trade finance and credit insurance but also exporting, importing, operations, logistics, and distribution. For information call 310-260-2130, email or visit

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