About Meridian

Meridian Finance Group was organized in 1993 to help equipment manufacturers increase their export sales, primarily by arranging cross-border financing for their customers in emerging foreign markets.

Our business soon expanded to include short-term trade credit, providing foreign companies with payment terms for purchasing all kinds of products and services from suppliers in the USA and other countries.

In order to use export credit insurance and political risk insurance more effectively for our trade finance transactions, we obtained our insurance license . . . and shortly thereafter began brokering insurance for other companies as well.

Over the past 20 years Meridian has helped hundreds of companies protect their receivables against non-payment risks, expand their US and international sales, and arrange A/R financing using trade credit insurance.

Meridian has also become a leading broker of political risk insurance… for foreign government contracts and for protecting US investors’ assets located overseas.

Our export finance business has continued to evolve as well, with an emphasis on Latin America but also with transactions completed in the Pacific Rim, Europe, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and other emerging markets.

Meridian’s clients include large corporations, middle-market companies, and—with no minimum size requirements—small businesses nationwide, as well as banks, non-bank lenders, investors, and other financial institutions.

Our diverse staff is multicultural and multilingual, with experience not only in trade finance and insurance, but also exporting, importing, credit, manufacturing, operations, logistics, and international distribution.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers. Our contributions to international trade have earned Meridian the President’s “E” Award, three “Broker of the Year” awards from Ex-Im Bank, Strategic Partner status with the US Department of Commerce, and accolades from federal/state export assistance agencies.

Meridian Finance Group is a recipient of the President's “E” Award for exceptional support of international trade.

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