Ex-Im Bank Programs

Meridian and Ex-Im Bank

The Export-Import Bank of the US (Ex-Im Bank) is an independent agency of the federal government that supports US exporters with insurance, guarantees, loans, and trade finance programs.

Meridian Finance Group is one of Ex-Im Bank’s most active partners: brokering hundreds of Ex-Im Bank insurance policies, originating Ex-Im Bank direct loans to exporters, and collaborating with Ex-Im Bank lenders nationwide.

While most of Meridian’s credit insurance and trade finance business is underwritten in the private sector, we’re proud of the work we do with Ex-Im Bank to foster exporting… a key component of US economic recovery.

Ex-Im Bank advantages

Ex-Im Bank programs support exporters who sell into developing economies and emerging foreign markets, which may be excluded from financing by commercial banks or ineligible for coverage with private-sector insurance companies. For sales to some foreign countries, Ex-Im Bank is the lender or underwriter of last resort.

With no minimum premiums for its small-business insurance policies, Ex-Im Bank may represent the best starting point for small-business exporters who want to use export credit insurance to grow their international sales. Even for larger exporters, most Ex-Im Bank policies feature pay-as-you-go reporting with minimal upfront deposit premiums.

Ex-Im Bank helps level the playing field for US exporters who are facing foreign competition from suppliers using their own governments’ export credit programs, e.g., EDC (Canada), Bancomext (Mexico), Hermes (Germany), Coface (France), SACE (Italy), ECGD (UK), Sinosure (China), JBIC/NEXI (Japan), KEXIM (South Korea), et al.

Created in 1934, every year Ex-Im Bank supports billions of dollars in US export sales…strengthening the US economy and creating or sustaining an estimated 250,000 jobs nationwide. Rather than costing US taxpayers money or adding to the federal deficit, in the past five years Ex-Im Bank has returned over $1 billion to the US Treasury.

Ex-Im Bank programs are available for exports of most kinds of products manufactured in the USA and comprised of at least 50% US content. Services originating in the USA are also supported. (This US content restriction applies only to Ex-Im Bank programs; no such limitations exist for trade finance or credit insurance in the private sector).

Why you should work with Meridian

Export Credit Insurance: Meridian brokers more Exim Bank policies than any other insurance broker in the country. By offering a complete selection of policies from Exim Bank and every other underwriter in the market, we can help you select the best export credit insurance coverage for your company, whether from Exim Bank, an insurance company, or a combination of both Exim Bank and commercial insurance.

Trade Finance: We provide expertise in arranging Exim Bank cross-border equipment financing, buyer credit facilities, and other kinds of export finance using Exim Bank insurance, loans, and guarantees. Meridian has worked with Exim Bank on behalf of diverse US and international lenders, US exporters, and foreign buyers.

Global Credit Express: This new kind of direct Exim Bank loan is available for growing small-business exporters. Meridian has submitted more Global Credit Express loan applications than any other Exim Bank originator in the country. Loaned funds are not tied to a borrowing base and can be used for overseas market development or any other export-related purpose, on a stand-alone basis or in addition to a pre-existing bank line of credit.

Working Capital: Meridian partners with Eximbank-approved banks and non-bank lenders all over the country who can offer Eximbank-guaranteed pre-shipment financing, loans against Eximbank-insured foreign receivables, and other trade finance services. If you need Eximbank working capital financing in addition to Meridian’s services, we can preview your company’s eligibility and connect you with a lender whose programs match your requirements.

Exim Bank has recognized Meridian three times with its Broker-of-the-Year award.

More significant than Meridian’s ability to arrange Eximbank insurance coverage is the technical support we provide to our customers. Eximbank policies work differently from other kinds of insurance, so Meridian assists with compliance at the same time as we help exporters get the most out of their coverage as a sales and financing tool.

Meridian provides training that will help you use Eximbank’s online insurance platform effectively and achieve the fastest possible turnaround times. We know how to expedite Eximbank’s underwriting processes and we’ll help you comply with the terms and conditions of your Eximbank policy without spending a lot of time on paperwork.

We understand your business. Our staff is multicultural and multilingual, with experience not only in Eximbank trade finance and credit insurance, but also exporting, importing, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.

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